My Resume

Janet arrived in North Palm Beach, Florida, from Darien, CT, in 1968. Real estate quickly became her interest and she raised 3 children, now grown, who all reside in Florida. 2 in the NPB area and one in Tampa, hence the duel location of offices. She is a member of both the RAPB board in West Palm Beach and the Greater Tampa Board (GTR). Her specialty is working with people and their idiosyncracies. She's really good at learning what makes her buyers happy and finding it no matter how long it takes. The patience of a saint, some say:-)

Oddly, with all her verve and vigor, she put on the brakes one day and got her massage license, moved to Ocala, and enjoyed ten years of the "Slow-cala" life; but then real estate called her back (actually, her kids) and she's off and running again - but smarter this time. Now with all the electronics, life is easier though definitely  not simpler which is why you need someone with her computer savvy and agility with electronic 'paper'.

Why not give her a call and take a test drive to your favorite neighborhood and see what's waiting for your next move.

Blessings and thanks for reading all this!